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Fast, Loud and Mean

Fast, Loud and Mean

In 1990, Igor Akrapovic converted his love of engine tuning into a career, specializing in making highly-tuned motorcycle exhaust systems. The Slovenian had been spending his spare time tuning his friends’ engines and sometimes racing, and had noticed a lack of performance, race-level exhaust systems that were both available and affordable to street riders. Igor put his intuitive mechanical abilities to work in his early exhaust systems, and they were soon rumbling around race tracks across Europe.

Motorcyclists with a few miles under them may remember the original name of Igor’s company: Skorpion. These exhausts graced many of the fastest bikes on the planet in the early 90s, but legal issues with another exhaust manufacturer forced a name change. In 1997, the company adopted the name of its founder.

Akrapovic still makes well-tuned, race-inspired, full-exhaust systems, and still does it all in Slovenia. The only difference is that the modern company does its designing on computers in Akrapovic’s 140,000 square-foot factory, instead of having Igor work out everything by hand. Akrapovic pioneered the use of exotic alloys such as titanium and carbon fiber that are still the state-of-the-art materials in motorcycle racing. Its systems can be found on race bikes in MotoGP, Superbike, Motocross, Flat Track, and many more.

Full Akrapovic systems can deliver power gains of as much as 12 horsepower over stock exhaust systems, and an 8- to 10-horsepower improvement is typical. Torque gains can run as high as 7 foot-pounds. The full systems are only available for select motorcycles, but the company offers its popular slip-on canisters to fit more motorcycles. The slip-on canisters don’t offer the same power gains as the full systems, of course, but they impart the sweet Akrapovic sound to any bike they adorn while providing substantial performance improvements.

When you’re ready to upgrade to serious performance and to convert your engine’s whine to an Akrapovic wail, look to 1MOTOSHOP.COM. We are proud to be an official seller of Akrapovic exhaust systems and slip-on canisters for Street bikes, Adventure motorcycles and dirt bikes.


For more on the history of Akrapovic, check out this article on

If you’re curious about the Akrapovic sound, check out this audio demonstration for the BMW S 1000 RR race system on the Akrapovic site. There are demos for other exhaust systems and other bikes, but be careful. You can get lost in there.

Finally, some of the most popular motorcycles on the lookout for Akrapovic exhaust:


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