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Class of '17: New Mini ADVs Set to Invade

Davide Formica

When the major manufacturers started spitting out 300cc “sport” bikes a few years ago, reactions were understandably mute. Performance numbers were lackluster for the category, but they offered an affordable entryway into motorcycling for new riders, and it is hard to argue with that result.

The story could be much different this time, though, when a new batch of small-displacement ADVs invade the class in 2017. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and BMW (!) are each releasing little monsters on the motorcycling world. The manufacturers are keeping performance numbers close to chest, but they should resemble their sporty little cousins.

So, will 30ish horsepower translate better to the dirt than to the asphalt? Or, will the little ADVs be all styling and no substance? We’ll have the answers soon enough, but the possibilities are appetizing.


Honda CRF250L Rally ∙ 

Suzuki DL250 V-Strom ∙ 

Kawasaki Versys-X 300 ∙ 

BMW G310GS ∙ 


Each of the new mini ADVs will likely be offered with various accessories, and the aftermarket is likely already hard at work on CAD programs to deliver more custom options. As those accessories become available, look to 1MOTOSHOP for all your ADV accessory needs. We already offer a large selection of ADV accessories and luggage for their larger siblings.


Which of the new mini-adventure bikes would you like to own? Leave a comment below.


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