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Get Off My Lawn!

William McDaniel

Recently, a dirt bike rider leapt Highway 60 in Moreno Valley, California. None of the drivers below him likely noticed. It was an amazing jump, as the video shows, made off an impromptu ramp cut into the surrounding hills. But the people below him didn’t bargain to catch a flying motorcycle on that day.

The first video we saw was reported by CBS Los Angeles below.



And that’s all the public sees in that video. They see another hooligan on a bike, throttle pinned, risking his life and those around him.

The next video, shows more details on the prepping leading up to the jump.



Some people watch out for bikes on the road; others don’t. The things we do while riding build the reputations of other motorcyclists. For better or worse, the public groups us together. Risking people’s lives for a stunt, no matter how badass, is utterly irresponsible and sets up the next guy.  

Keep your eyes wide and the rubber side down. And please, leave the hooligan stuff to more controlled situations. You may not be practicing V/STOL maneuvers with your dirt bike, but remember 1MOTO stocks Dirt bike gear as well as street bike gear, to keep you safe on more sophisticated adventures.



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