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GOLDfren : Motorcycle and ATV Disc Brakes

Davide Formica

GOLDfren is a world-class brand for aftermarket disc brake system components not only for motorcycles and ATV but also for small aircraft, mountain bikes, and more.

The GOLDfren factory is located in Czech Republic has been manufacturing sintered brake pads since 1991. GOLDfren has since established itself as one of the industry pioneers by continuously investing in R&D and constantly improving and expanding their product offering.

While the GOLDfren product offering is mainly geared toward racing applications supporting many motorcycle racers world-wide, it also covers options for common street driving and recreational off-road riding. Whether you are looking to replace your brake pads with an OE equivalent compound or if you want an improvement from your current OE brakes, there is usually more than one brake pad sintered compound option to choose from.

Most GOLDfren products are tested by professional motorcycle racers under tough conditions and high temperature loads, taking their braking systems beyond normal limits. These test results and feedback are constantly evaluated and analyzed by engineers for product improvements.

GOLDfren manufactures braking systems for many sectors besides motorcycle and ATV. Some of the more relevant products are:

GOLDfren Brakes are distributed US Dealers through GOLDfren USA, dba by 1MOTOSHOP LLC.

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