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My Helmet, My Choice

Davide Formica

Nebraska may soon join the 31 states where motorcyclists are free to ride without a helmet, as yet another bill is before the state’s legislature.

The freedom to ride however you choose is a fundamental aspect of motorcycling. When the government mandates how you should ride, some of that freedom inevitably disappears. Americans like to think for ourselves.

Experience has taught me that I should wear a helmet. Motorcycles represent 3% of all registered vehicles, but 14% of all traffic fatalities. (NIH) That’s a sobering statistic. But statistics discount accidents that never happened.

As important to your safety as your PPE is, your skill set is even more critical. Maintain your bike, ride defensively and never stop learning. Hubris kills, with or without a helmet.

1MotoShop supports your right to make your own decisions, but encourages you to protect yourself with a D.O.T.-approved helmet and other motorcycle-specific safety gear.  Search our site for your motorcycle helmet and select by type: Adventure Helmets, Street bike full-face helmets, cruiser open-face helmets and more.

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Read more on Nebraska’s pending legislation here.

Cycle World’s John L. Stein is an excellent source for safety tips. Read his articles here.

Images source: Experimental motorcycle helmets by GOOD!

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