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Rust Buckets

William McDaniel

As spring brings warmer temperatures and longer days, most riders are hearing the call of the road. It happens every year, when the night air warms and the bugs start smacking your face shield at dusk, and the call extends to those who have yet to ride.

New motorcycles are cost-preventative options for a lot of new riders, most of whom are still young. The cost of full-coverage insurance on a brand-new ADV will change a young mind as well. The solution: Go used.

While 1970s Honda Scramblers and the like now command classic prices, many more recent on/off-road bikes can be a steal, and the ADVs of 15 years ago are also selling for realistic prices. One financing option new riders seldom take advantage of is a signature loan from a bank.

Though interest rates for these loans tend to be higher than on secured loans, savings on insurance more than offset the difference. Because the bike is essentially paid off, only liability insurance is required. Don't let the astronomical prices of new, high-tech ADVs and Dual Sports keep you on the couch.

My last piece of advice, a used off-road motorcycle will likely have a few dings and scratches, but those imperfections tell stories. Don't let a few cosmetic flaws force you to spend thousands of extra dollars on a new bike that won't be new for long.

When you are ready to set out on your first riding adventures, be sure to invest in protective gear. Leather gloves, boots and jacket will keep your skin from becoming hamburger in a worst-case scenario. And a quality, DOT-approved helmet may save your life someday. When you find your new-to-you dream machine, remember that 1MOTOSHOP is a great source for ADV gear and luggage.

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