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Not Quite a Skid Plate on The New 2017 V-Strom 650

Davide Formica

Suzuki gave its venerable middleweight ADV a serious makeover for 2017, streamlining the cosmetics of the smaller V-Strom with its bigger (1000 cc) brother. It’s looking better than ever, but the stock V-Strom 650 skid plate is a questionable addition to an otherwise off-road-worthy machine.

While it has the appearance of a true-to-form skid plate, the little ‘Strom’s plastic under cowl is really just cosmetic, and its underside is left woefully unprotected. Around town, where these mid-sized ADVs are typically ridden, the cowl is a nice touch.

When the pavement ends, though, the plastic cowl will do almost nothing to protect your bike’s vulnerable undercarriage. It’s not difficult to foresee dinged cases and a trail of dripping oil left in the wake of more adventurous ADV riders.

Suzuki’s decision to cross-dress its new models means we have to make room for the new additions, and we now have mind-blowing deals on 2012-2016 V-Strom DL650 and 650XT accessories.

Both the SW-Motech skidplate for V-Strom 650 and the Givi skidplate for V-Strom 650 alike are each made of solid and sturdy aluminum and will do a superb job at keeping those exposed engine areas covered up and protected. Although, the SW-Motech V-Strom 650 Skid Plate is made of a thicker aluminum base with way sturdier brackets and side walls compared to the slimmer and lighter made Givi V-Strom 650 Skid Plate, so in terms of protection and durability, the SW-Motech skid plate comes on top at a respective price difference.

We also have an extensive selection of other V-Strom 650 parts and accessories. 

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Photo credit: Suzuki Motor of America

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