The Learning Curve: Cheating Death in the Midst of Two Lane Disaster

There is a learning curve in motorcycling, but not everyone survives it. Every rider has had near misses and must learn from them. Not being at fault does nothing to lessen the impact of life-changing accidents.

Consider the below video.


That rider has done many things right. He is not following too closely, and he’s in the far right of his lane with traffic oncoming. But, his buffer of space leaves room for the driver following him to pass him in his own lane. The ensuing collision comes out of nowhere and illustrates a lesson: Stay out of heavy traffic.

Never stop learning. Every near miss is unique, and teaches unique lessons. The wise rider accepts that he will always have much to learn, and never stops honing his techniques as his experience builds.

Another lesson here is the importance of safety gear. A DOT approved helmet will save your life. A riding jacket with armor, quality riding boots and gloves, and tough denim motorcycle riding jeans or leather pants can lessen the severity of impacts. 1MOTOSHOP has safety gear to suit most riders and riding styles.



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