Ear Plugs Noise-Canceling NRR 23dB Washable Reusable

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  • PROTECT YOUR HEARING with High-Fidelity Noise-Canceling ear plugs. Efficiently reduce unwanted noise and wind noise with little distortion or muffling
  • IDEAL CHOICE for concert goers and motorcyclists
  • REUSABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made in soft hypoallergenic silicone, durable and water resistant, washable with just soap and water
  • PORTABLE: Includes an aluminum keychain so you can take your earplugs everywhere you go. The ear plugs can be worn with or without the included cord
  • UNIVERSAL: Fits most ear canals


It's a fact that noise-induced hearing loss is never recovered. You can now protect your hearing anytime by carrying the NRR 23dB Noise- Canceling High-Fidelity Ear Plugs with you.

The high-fidelity noise attenuation filter valve is engineered to retain sound quality, while diminishing sound intensity and noise levels, making the Geppe NRR23 an excellent choice for concert goers and motorcyclists.

Made of soft hypoallergenic silicone, they are easily washable with soap and water, reusable, and durable.


  • 1 Pair of Earplugs
  • 1 Neck cord
  • 1 Key chain canister


  • Hearing damage can occur at the following exposure intervals: 8hrs at 85dB, 4hrs at 88dB, 2hrs at 91dB, 1hr at 94dB, 30min at 97dB, 15min at 100dB and anything above can cause immediate damage
  • Sound levels above 120dB are even painful and anything below 85dB is completely safe
  • The normal, everyday conversation is around 60dB - 65dB
  • Wind noise from riding a motorcycle, engine testing and racing ranges between 95db - 110db
  • A jackhammer noise level range around 115 dB
  • A loud music concert can reach levels up to 120dB
  • Exposure to high decibel levels even in short amounts of time can result in hearing damage
  • Hearing loss due to loud noise can be immediate and permanent


The attenuation rating for these ear plugs is NRR 23dB (Noise Reduction Rating). To calculate the actual amount of decibel deduction applied (23 -7 / 2 = 8). So if you are riding a motorcycle with 95dB wind noise, wearing your earplugs, you will be actually lowering your level of noise exposure to 87dB.

Note: To maximize protection level, hearing protectors must be worn properly.


  • Make sure your ears are clean before use
  • DO NOT over insert the ear plugs. Take your time to get used to the feeling of having earplugs in your ears.
  • Make sure that your ear plugs fit properly in your ear canal before attempting to wear a helmet. If your ear canal is too small and the ear plugs protrude from your ears too much then do not attempt to wear a helmet
  • For those with deep ear canals and wearing without the included cord, please beware that removal could require both hands or even the assistance of some tweezers
  • When inserting and removing the ear plugs, please make sure to do so very slowly with up and down movements
  • If you experience discomfort or pain, please stop using immediately


  • The effectiveness of the earplugs depends on a number of factors including the size and shape of the ear canal, proper ear plug fitment and noise levels of exposure
  • Hearing levels vary from person to person so make sure you can hear warning signals before putting yourself in danger
  • Do not over insert the ear plug
  • Seek immediate medical assistance if you cannot remove the earplug or if you have any problems with your ears
  • Keep out of reach of children for risk of being swallowed
  • Wash as necessary with soap and water to avoid ear infection
  • We cannot be held responsible for any hearing damage as each of these factors is unique to every individual
  • The user of these ear plugs assumes all risk and full responsibility for any results that may arise in conjunction with the use of these ear plugs
  • To the extent permitted by law, Geppe limits any and all liability to the amount paid for the ear plugs. In no instance shall Geppe or a vendor of Geppe ear plugs be liable for special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages


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