Airhead Sportsstuff Gyro Towable

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Tumbling Action!
Prepare for some serious tumbling excitement with this unique towable that you won't find anywhere else! The bullet-shaped GYRO will be sent into a spin with a simple turn of the boat. The stainless steel swivel tow system allows the GYRO to roll over and over again with the rider inside while they watch all the action through the port hole at the front of the tube. The GYRO is constructed of heavy-duty K80 PVC featuring the patented Speed Safety Valve so you can inflate and deflate this state-of-the-art towable in no time at all. Riders simply hold on to the molded PVC handle system located in the front of the tube and enjoy the ride. Watch out, not for the faint of heart!

360° swivel tow point
Transparent Body for Rider Visibility
Viewing Porthole
Heavy-Gauge PVC Construction
One Chamber Inflation
Speed Safety Valve
Molded Handle System
Barrel Rolling Functionality
56" x 37"


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