DBX Brake Pads FA252 Front - 1MOTOSHOP
DBX Brake Pads FA252 Front - 1MOTOSHOP

DBX Brake Pads FA252 Front

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Experience the easy braking power you've been missing in your life. DBX brake pads put reliable, tractable braking performance at your fingertips. These genuine DBX brake pads are long-lived, non-abrasive, quiet and powerful. That power comes on easy at first, but a stronger bite reveals itself progressively. DBX's high-performance formula produces brake pads that are remarkably stable and clean. No fade. No dust. Just thrilling performance you can trust. DBX brake pads… experience the difference.


  • Semi-metal Ceramic
  • Smooth and progressive feel
  • High braking power
  • Replaces OE brake pads
  • Long service life
  • Performs well in all weather conditions
  • Nonabrasive to the rotors
  • Reduced dust on wheels
  • Quiet braking
  • No fade

OEM Equivalents Yamaha:

3JD-W0046 | 3MA-W0045 | 3TJ-W0045 | 4B5-W0045 | 4SV-W0045 | 4XV-W0045 | 5JJ-W0045 | 5SL-W0045 | 5VN-W0045 | 5VY-W0045 | 39P-W0045 | 5SL-25805