Floating Front Rotor Oversized Yamaha YZ/WR 298mm GOLDfren 7356F3

Floating Front Rotor Oversized Yamaha YZ/WR 298mm GOLDfren 7356F

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Manufactured with the highest quality stainless-steel available in the industry. Engineered and designed to achieve the desired properties - lightness, hardness, strength and impact resistance as well as high friction and low abrasion, all demanded qualities in high performance disc brakes used under heavy braking conditions such as off-road racing.

Designed with stylish laser cut slot openings on the braking surface enabling the rotor to keep cooler and thereby reducing or eliminating brake fading and warping under extreme braking conditions. It also allows the rotor to quickly get rid of any dirt or excess water and to cool down as the rotor spins while maximizing braking performance and handling control.

Part Compatibility

YAMAHA YZ / WR  Oversized Front Brake Disc 298mm