GOLDfren Brake Lines Hose Front or Rear for Dirtbikes

GOLDfren Brake Lines Hose Front or Rear for Dirtbikes

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The GOLDfren Motocross brake lines are manufactured with top quality materials consisting of three layers:

Layer 1: A nonstick inner layer of PTFE Teflon® that is capable of withstanding thermal loads of up to 250°C. 
Layer 2: The mid layer is a highly resistant stainless steel braiding (INOX-Stahlflex).
Layer 3: The outer layer is a protective plastic layer resistant to weathering and moisture.


  • The brake line fittings and banjos are made by CNC Technology using high quality duralumin and stainless steel.
  • The GOLDfren brake lines are designed to optimize pressure points and eliminate expansion, thereby generating the greatest braking power and braking effectiveness requiring less lever force to operate.
  • Offers an extremely reliable service life and great durability.
  • The GOLDfren products are designed, tested and used by professional racers.
  • Icludes four (4) washers