GOLDfren Brake Pads 087
GOLDfren Brake Pads 087
GOLDfren Brake Pads 087

GOLDfren Brake Pads 087

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  • GOLDfren brakes are designed, tested and used by Pro racers
  • Delivers great stopping power and service life
  • Delivers quiet, smooth, controlled, progressive braking performance with no brake fade
  • Generates minimal dust residue
  • Designed for both wet and dry applications
  • Top quality and performance, resulting in an improvement compared to OE brake pads
  • Contains NO asbestos
  • Contains NON -aggressive friction materials for minimal rotor abrasion
  • TUV certified guaranteeing the highest safety and quality standards

SINTERED BRAKE PADS are far superior than organic or Kevlar providing greater stopping power and durability as well as no brake fade when operating at higher temperatures.

Part Number Cross Reference:

SBS 646
EBC FA47/3
FDB 416

OEM Part Compatible:


43105 KBS | 405 43105 KBS W00 | 43105 KY4 901 | 43105 KY4 902 | 43105 NW2 610