Goldfren Brake Pads FRONT AJP125, Fits Aprilia 50/125/Amico/Sonic/Gulliver/Rally

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AJP PR3 125 Supermoto Pro 2010–2011
APRILIA SR 125 1999-2017
APRILIA SR 50 (LC) 1994–1996
APRILIA Amico (All models) 1996–1998
APRILIA Sonic (All models) 1998–2008
APRILIA Gulliver (All models) 1995–1998
APRILIA Rally A/C (All models) 1995–2002
APRILIA SR 50 (A/C) (GP/LB/LF) 1993–1996
APRILIA 50 Habana/Habana Custom 1999-2002
APRILIA SR 50 WWW (A/C) (LYH00) 1997–2001
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (4T) (TG000) 2002–2006
APRILIA SR 50 Ditech (LC) (RLD 100) 2002–2003
APRILIA SR 50 H20 (Ditech) (RLA1/RLB1) 2000–2003
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (4T) (TGA00/TGB00) 2006–2009
APRILIA SR 50 Stealth/Racing (LC) (MZCO) 1997–1999
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (Ditech) (2T) (SCA00) 2002–2006
APRILIA SR 50 Street (LC/2T) (TE00/TEA00) 2003–2015
APRILIA 50 Mojito Retro (120mm Ø rear drum) 1999–2003
APRILIA SR 50 R SBK Alitalia (Replica) (LC) 2010–2011
APRILIA 50 Mojito Custom (120mm Ø rear drum) 1999–2002
APRILIA 50 Mojito Custom (110mm Ø rear drum) 2004–2012
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo Street (2T) (TH00/THE00) 2005–2009
APRILIA SR 50 R/Factory (LC/2T) (VFB00/VFD00) 2004–2015
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (2T) (H2/HL) Front disc model 1993–1997
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (2T) (Rear disc model)(PF0100) 1998–1999
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo (2T) (Rear drum model)(PFG00/TH000) 2000–2005
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo Classic 2T (PF0100) (Rear drum model) 1998–1999
APRILIA 50 Scarabeo Classic (2T) (PF0100) (Rear disc mode) 1998–1999

    • Complete brake pads bundle for AJP, Aprilia
    • Includes 1 set of Front Brake Pads
    • AD sintered compound by GOLDfren
    • Replaces OE brake pads
    • Delivers great stopping power
    • Delivers smooth, controlled, progressive braking performance with no brake fade
    • Designed for both wet and dry applications
    • Top quality and performance, resulting in an improvement compared to OE brake pads
    • GOLDfren brakes are designed, tested and used by Pro racers
    • NO asbestos and NON -aggressive friction materials for minimal rotor abrasion
    • TUV certified guaranteeing the highest safety and quality standards

    SINTERED BRAKE PADS are far superior than organic or Kevlar providing greater stopping power and durability as well as no brake fade when operating at higher temperatures


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