High-Lifter HFOIL ATV Motor Cool 4 Stroke Heat Fighter Oil

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A revolutionary engine heat fighting technology, originally developed for NASCAR Winston Cup Race Cars that endure some of the most severe heat conditions and cooling challenges faced by automotive engineers today including 200mph races, 100+ degree race days, and heat-soaked tracks. Now, the same technology that has helped overcome these high performance challenges is being applied to ATV and motorcycle heat problems created by slow speeds, mud restricted air flow, small radiators and oil coolers, lack of cooling fans, and high summertime temperatures. Untreated, these heat problems can result in engine malfunctions, boil overs, accelerated wear of parts, loss of performance, and discomfort to the rider. High Lifter ATV Motor Cool is an oil treatment that coats hot metal and promotes heat transfer and friction reduction. It instantly cools engine oil up to 57° at the crank (and radiator coolant up to 7°). Air cooled cylinder head temperature is reduced up to 60°, water cooled head temperature is reduced up to 28°. The manufacturer also reports that all lubricated mechanical parts will last twice as long. Fine for wet clutches and both regular and synthetic oil. Contains no teflon.


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