High Lifter PEN-LOCK "Pen-Lock" Fits Kawasaki Differential Lever Locking

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High Lifter Products is pleased to introduce it's innovation for riders of Kawasaki ATV's equipped with the popular Kawasaki Differential Locking Lever. Conceived by Kawasaki Team Green rider and 11-Time GNCC Champion, Mike Penland, the PEN-Lock is developed and marketed exclusively by High Lifter. The PEN-Lock enables the rider to engage the front differential, and at the push of a button, secure the differential into the locking position until the handle is pressed once again to disengage the PEN-Lock. The device is similar in function to many parking brake systems that come standard on ATV's: squeeze the handle, engage the lock, and the handle is locked until it is squeezed once again.

This easy to install and reasonably priced modification delivers three significant benefits:

First, Comfort and Convenience. When the differential lock is needed for more than a few seconds, it is just more comfortable and convenient to use the PEN-Lock and enjoy your ride than to continue to hold the lock-lever. Of course, the rider is not required to lock the lever, but, it’s available for your comfort and convenience.

Second, Weight Shift. When riding in deep mud, ruts, or snow, it is sometimes necessary to shift a rider’s weight from side to side to increase traction to the tires. In doing so, there are times when a rider’s weight is shifted such that a complete grip of the left handle bar, where the differential lock lever is located, is nearly impossible. The push-button operation of the PEN-Lock enables a rider to release the left handle bar and shift his weight at will to make it through the obstacle.

Third, Ease of Steering. When a differential lock is engaged…on any ATV…it requires more strength and force to steer the machine. When the PEN-Lock is engaged, the rider has full control of the entire handle bar instead of just steering with a couple of fingers while the other fingers are depressing the lock-lever. This may sound petty, but the fact is that these machines are getting bigger and bigger every year. The bigger the machine, the bigger the task of steering. Let the PEN-Lock ease your steering and allow full control of your ATV.

The PEN-Lock is machined from very attractive and durable T-6061 billet aluminum and the locking button is stainless steel. The PEN-Lock is a direct bolt-on modifications with easy-to-read instructions and installation pictures provided. The PEN-Lock fits Kawasaki and Suzuki V-Twin engined ATV’s and Kawasaki 360s. Which have a locking front differential lever.

If you ride in extreme conditions, want to be prepared for anything, or you just want your ATV to be the best, the PEN-Lock is for YOU!


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