Hopkins F3C Mr Funnel 3.5 GPM Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel

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  • The F3 model Fuel Filter Funnel by Mr. Funnel uses a unique filter technology
  • It is a heavy-duty, anti-static, and fast flow funnel with built-in filter technology
  • When fuel is poured through the Fuel Filter Funnel, water and debris will not pass through the filter's fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel filter
  • Only filtered fuel flows through to your engine, improving its efficiency, durability, and proper operation
  • The sump area collects the deflected water and debris for proper disposal
  • Filters gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and 2-cycle mixed gas
  • Prevents contaminants from plugging filters, corroding components, decreasing efficient combustion, and causing engine shutdown or system failure
  • Combat these problems by refueling with the Fuel Filter Funnel by Mr. Funnel and by using this innovative product every time you transfer fuel to your tank
  • For transferring five gallons or less of fue
  • Height:  8.75"
  • Diameter:  5.5"
  • Flow Rate:  3.5 gpm