Woody's 286T-TEMP-2 Stud Template 2.86 Pitch Two Ply Tracks

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Manufacturer (Woody's) Part Number: 286T-TEMP-2


  • Save time with marking the stud pattern
  • Maintain consistency of stud placement
  • Use templates for a professional pattern
  • Maximize the effectiveness of each stud
  • Eliminate damage to critical snowmobile components
  • Woody's products will make your trail ride safer
  • Stunning quality of goods for your snowmobile


Universal Studding Template by Woody's®. The 286T Template is made from heavy card stock for two-ply tracks. Designed for 2.86 pitch snowmobile tracks that are 15"" / 16"" wide by 120"" / 129"" / 137"" / 146"" / 154"" long. Several options for studding quantities and patterns. Length: 120""/129""/137""/146""/154"". Template stud patterns are designed by IEC technical & engineering staff. They often work with the snowmobile manufacturers when developing stud patterns. The Traction Application Guide has stud pattern and template recommendations for snowmobiles from 1996 to present.