Woody's AWA-3700-B Round Plates Aluminum 7mm 96-pack

Woody's AWA-3700-B Round Plates Aluminum 7mm 96-pack

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Manufacturer (Woody's) Part Number: AWA-3700-B


  • For most single and combination studding patterns
  • Quick and easy to install - No indexing required
  • High-grade, lightweight aluminum support plates for two-ply studs
  • Must be paired with corresponding stud shank size
  • Woody's products will make your trail ride safer
  • Stunning quality of goods for your snowmobile
  • Made with the application of the highest technologies, which will leave Woody's customers fully satisfied


UniversalRound Digger Natural Support Plates by Woody's. Thread Size: 0.2755". A Woody's studding template, a couple tools, and personal preference is all it takes to customize your snowmobile with Woody's wide selection of aluminum support plates.