Woody's WST-1035-500 Gripper Carbide Screw 500-pack

Woody's WST-1035-500 Gripper Carbide Screw 500-pack

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Manufacturer (Woody's) Part Number: WST-1035-500


  • Woody's products will make your trail ride safer
  • Stunning quality of goods for your snowmobile
  • Made with the application of the highest technologies
  • The Gripper Carbide Screw is the shortest
  • This carbide tip screw can be used in rubber soles


Twist Gripper Carbide Screw by Woody's. Woody's Twist Screws provide traction to footwear, heavy equipment, and everything in between. This line can be used year round, as they are compatible with all four seasons. Woody's Twist Screws are NOT recommended for snowmobile tracks.