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Back in Black


When motorcycles first came into my life, they took over.  I sold my car and strictly rode bikes for 15 years. When you get this dedicated, you need dedicated gear.

It’s normal for new riders to use equipment like school backpacks for storage. In short time, though, these packs begin to shred. They flop on your back like a drunk squirrel because they were not designed to take the abuse that wind dishes out.

That’s why motorcycle-specific backpacks exist. Manufacturers design these packs to suit a rider’s unique needs. They are tough, heavily stitched packs that don’t suffer the fault of excess straps flapping around. Most have attachment methods, like chest straps, that keep them secure, and many provide an added layer of protective armor.

Kriega packs are a great investment for exactly that reason. They are built to survive the hurricane-force winds flowing over motorcyclists. They are also protective, unobtrusive and secure, the way a bag meant for a bike should be. Kriega, a British firm, makes the type of quality bags and storage solutions dedicated motorcyclists need and demand.



Check out Kriega’s line of motorcycle luggage and ask yourself if you really want to use the backpack you used in high school. The Bike Pack line is a waterproof solution for longer rides, and Kriega also has a serious line of soft-bag panniers for dirt bike and ADV applications. They are a great solution for your motorcycle-specific storage requirements.

Kriega luggage options:



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