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How Low can you Go?

William McDaniel

One thing few new riders understand is the link between tire pressure and steering. On road or off, monitor your air pressure religiously. Minute changes here have profound effects down the line on your trail/rake geometry.

If you spend all your bike time riding street, stick to the manufacturer’s prescribed air pressure in your owner’s manual. On average, the recommended street pressure is 32 psi on the front and 36 psi on the rear. But if you like to use your ADV or Dual Sport to its full potential, experiment with tire deflation for off-road riding.

Dropping air pressure down to 25 psi gives knobby tires more grip while remaining safe for controlled street use. The added stability off road is especially helpful to riders who are new to dirt. You can air down further for dirt-only riding, but do so cautiously.

No matter if you’ve been riding for 30 years or 30 days, remember you can always learn new things. Enjoy the process. When it’s time to set up your ADV for cross-country — or cross-county — adventure, look to 1MOTOSHOP for your ADV motorcycle parts, ADV bike luggage and other adventure touring  gear.


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Image source: By Stephen Gregory and Bill Lieras



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