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The Future is Now (Or Soon Will Be)

William McDaniel

The first-generation of electric motorcycles (e-bikes) has been pretty homogenous. Word broke recently that an Indian e-bike is in the works, but like the Harley Davidson LiveWire, it's years away from production. By then, will the streetfighter styling of the LiveWire be relevant?

E-bikes are evolving past their urban commuter niche, and that is why the new generation of Zero motorcycles is so interesting. A dual-sport e-bike? Yes, please. Electric ADVs? Thank you very much. An electric Supermoto? That is the stuff of dreams.

For the first time, the e-bike concept is living up to its promise. E-bikes can be ridden anywhere within a 50-mile radius of your home. For many of us, that means a dual-sport e-bike that can hold its own in the dirt is a tempting proposition.

The off-road e-bike isn't quite up to snuff compared to today's purpose-built dual-sports and ADV machines. So, until then, the true adventure riders will likely be sticking to gas. Whether you're plugging in or filling up for your ride, make it a safe one. 1MOTOSHOP can set you up with all the riding gear and luggage you'll need to make your adventure safe and comfortable.

As the tech improves and prices drop, will off-road e-bikes take over adventure riding? Or, is this just a green flash in the pan? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

Check out the below videos by Zero Motorcycles showcasing the 2017 Dual Sport, ADV and Supermoto models in action.

Dual Sport (Zero DS) "Designed to be agile in the dirt and quick on the street."


Adventure (Zero DSR) "For the dual sport rider demanding more."


Dual Sport (Zero FX) "Lean & Mean. Attack the trails and twisties."


Supermoto (Zero FXS) "The Zero FXS takes supermoto to a new level. Think of it as supermoto on steroids."


Finanally, this review on YouTube describes how the Zero's prodigious power can be regulated and shows the milder FX in off-road action. The newer DSR makes more power with longer range.


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